Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back from the dead

well, i am using my kid's computer, which means things have remained the same-poor.

also, my son has decided to break some of the keys-the ones that make upper case letters and any of the fun things like question marks and all those fun things above the numbers.

so, thanks for baring with me.

ok, so changes since i last blogged include changing to the obama camp, sadly, as i so wanted a woman in office.

no longer a waitress as my body gave out finally.

now i am a receptionist at a law firm, where i am literally 'working for the man'---talk about whitey republicans signing my less than minimum wage paycheck.

oh, wait--the criminal bush sr. made sure to remove the link between minimum wage and productivity, so i am actually not lower than the minimum wage by law---but much lower than what it should be based on productivity and what it costs to live.

so, fuck you to my bosses. fuck you bush sr. and thanks a lot kid for making this without feeling--as there would have been a lot of capitals and exclamation marks--if i had some to use---