Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad

Well, sorry to my fans, and it appears somehow I am actually getting some even without posting lately!! I have felt like shit lately and quite frankly not having my laptop means I have to sit in my kid's room on his hard ass chair after a hard ass night at a job I hate. So, long story short, been avoiding le blog lately.
My apologies. OK so here goes: Love Kucinich. He was the only one who got it right. Insert any category for "it." The man can do no wrong. However, we as a pathetic society, can. Apparantley if the man isn't 6'2" and Ken like, we aren't interested long enough to pay attention, thus someone as lame as "flip flopper" Mormonman is still around. Camera friendly. I love using conservative words against them. Flip flopper. I love how my ultra-conservative friend had the balls to say that people are "allowed to change their minds." HAHAHAHA. So, if they are republican's they are. No one else is. What a moron. Then he tried to say that Hilary changes her tune depending upon who she is speaking with.
Let's just say that at least I know her positions. I really wanted to get on the Obama Express, but sorry just can't do it. I have come to the realization that since I am in a "super Tuesday" state, my Kucinich has dropped out, so I need to refocus my efforts as to whom I will be voting for.
I began to think about the 90s. I must say that I was doing a HELL of a lot better off-as was the majority of this country when Bill was in office-cock in wrong woman's mouth or not. It takes a Clinton to clean up after an all nighter Bush orge--and this one has gone on for the entire summer while mum and daddy were away.
Time for the grown ups to come and clean up after the children who took the credit cards out for a spin. Time for the grown ups to apologize to the neighbors (the whole block-in this case the whole freakin world) and clean up the mess that has occurred. Take down the toilet paper from the rooftops, the trees, and the bushes.
I am oficially endorsing Hillary and will be at the Bill Clinton event at the Gammage auditiorium in Tempe Thursday night to hear him speak.
I don't know enough about Obama-even after reading his issues on his website. It all seemed like rhetoric to me-and I wasn't all that impressed. Just because someone is new doesn't mean that they are QUALIFIED. If you ever want to see a balanced budget again, and if you ever want to see jobs, true economic growth and healthcare for all-Clinton is the way to go. I know she isn't perfect. But she is the best choice with what we have at this point: McCain is a decent person, but hawkish and a republican-no thanks-I would rather puke in my hat thanks. The Ken doll who is on the board of Planned Parenthood only when it doesn't count, and who believes in mormonism? My aunt is a mormon, and I HAVE to tolerate her. I don't need any others to add to the mix. The less religious a candidate is, the better. Keep your religion out of my politics and I will do the same in return.
P.S. If we had a Clinton/Obama or a Clinton/Edwards I would be OK with either. I do like some things about all of them, and dislike some things about all of them. Got to pick the most qualified and the one who can get the job done. I mean, for shit's sake, we are in America-it isn't as if things move quickly here. We have to drag the knuckledraggers kicking and screaming out of the stone age, and damn we should have just said "fuck the south." In the words of a fav. blogger of mine.
Check him out: You will see what I mean.
Make sure you vote on Tuesday the 5th if you are a REGISTERED democrat. If you are an independant you don't get to vote, as far as I know. You will need to wait until the real deal.
One of the perks of being a registered dem. I can proudly say I have been one since I was eligible to vote at 18.
Have an awesome day. Oh, and this blog may need to change its name as I don't think I can tolerate my job anymore. My asshole boss has pushed me over the edge-as they all do in good time. My body can't take much more and it is time to find a career of some sort. Will keep you posted.
Kisses, LRB
P.S. to the loud drunk assholes downstairs-it is 5 in the fucking morning. Time to hit the hay you drunk fucks.
Last P.S. I have decided that I am going to work towards the most obnoxious blog award for next time-so watch out folks!

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