Sunday, January 6, 2008

Who should I vote for?

I am a Kucinich fan. His showings have been terrible. However, I feel deeply that I should support the only candidate I completely believe in. If I vote for Kucinich, and he loses, my voice won't be heard with regards to the Obama V. Clinton race which seems to be the only one that matters. Should I vote for the one I want or try to sway for the better of the two who will be close? As I think this through: I will vote my conscience. If I don't support the ONE honest person who always got it right on every topic, then how can I get upset with everyone else? Just because someone isn't "TV friendly" doesn't mean that we should overlook them. [This was what Jeff Farias thought when I asked him why more people weren't supporting Kucinich, so I am supposing that this is why.] I answered my own question.

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