Saturday, December 15, 2007

Had to go around the world to get next door...

I found while searching on the internet the French press. I know for a fact that other country's media is not as corrupt as ours (being that I watch Spanish news often), and so I found it very interesting to see what was being reported-and luckily they had an English version. (I speak Spanish, not French.)
So, long story short, I was immediately interested in a link that said something about UC Berkeley--being that this was coming from EUROPE! So, it turns out that UC Berkeley has been webcasting several of their courses, (I believe for a year or so now--not that this was reported anywhere in my town that I saw) FOR FREE ON YOUTUBE. I was in heaven. I love school. I love learning, hated homework, but loved lecture. So, I went to the website and found that UC Berkeley is offering several courses for viewing, one of which I watched the first class of this evening (instead of dicking around with the losers in CL RNR tonight-what a rough group this evening! Why do men get so sensitive and have to flag everything they disagree with???).

So, here is my assignment to those interested in learning: check it out. Here is the link to the story about it:
Here is the link to the class I will be taking over the next few weeks. If you are interested in doing so with me, please post a comment, and we can have discussions of sorts of what is being taught.

This is the first day of the course titled: PACS 164A: Introduction to Nonviolence
It sounded strange to me at first, but after listening through the first day-it sounded very interesting after all. So, if you are interested, PLEASE send in a comment.
Have a good one.

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