Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Religion is for morons

"Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman has reportedly been receiving death threats for her role in the controversial film The Golden Compass.
The film is based on a novel by British novelist Philip Pullman. It has been boycotted by Roman Catholic groups who believe the movie promotes atheism.
Reports have surfaced that aside from Kidman, her co-star Daniel Craig has also been receiving threats.
"The amount of hate mail has been unbelievable. There have been death threats. Most of the backlash has been aimed at Pullman but even the cast has had their fair share of abuse," says a source.
The current James Bond title holder defends the movie and the book and says they are not promoting atheism.
"I think the majority of people criticizing it haven't read it. These books are not anti-religious. Mainly they're anti-misuse of power - religious or political," Craig says."

It never ends, does it? Why are people not allowed to have an opinion anymore? Even if this movie was PROATHEISTIC, what is wrong with that? It is just another group of people in our society. You religious nutballs are really pathetic. Oh, and by the way, why do you think HUMANS came up with the concept? CONTROL.


The Intellecual said...

Hey there to the one who doesn't return emails. I agree, religion is for morons. 'Nuff said.

Liberal Ranting Waitress Bitch aka LRWB said...

Email address has been posted. I will add you to the list for future contact.

The Intellectual said...

Why thank you. I am special now! W00T! How are you doing?