Thursday, December 13, 2007

Warning: Waitress Posting!

To the people who sat at my table on Saturday night/others who need to know this:

If you think that although there were about a dozen open tables to fit the 3 of you, it was OK to sit at a table for 5-6 people in a restaurant of that size that has only ONE large table-YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN!! Not to mention the fact that you then had the balls to have us remove one of the tables out of the way. Are you for real? Do you come into a friends/strangers home and have them move the furniture around to suit your needs? You have GOT to be kidding me!
Here's a tip to them, and everyone else who doesn't know this: when you are being taken to a particular table in a restaurant it is for a reason, they want to rotate service between the servers so that they make similar earnings-but more so that you do not have to wait longer because another server got sat more than one table at a time!
Also, you have a limit on the amount of time that you should be sitting in my area on a busy night. If there is a line of people at the door waiting to get in, DO NOT SIT THERE AND TALK ALL FUCKING NIGHT LONG! And to the table on Sat: PARTICULARLY WHEN YOU STOLE THE ONLY LARGE SEATING IN THE HOUSE! And if for some reason you simply MUST take up extra time after you should be done eating (ladies this is usually you gabbing all night long-sometimes it is people who haven't seen each other in a long time also): you need to realize that my table is like a taxi-when there is traffic/no movement of the taxi-the fare changes. So, if you take the amount of time it would have taken another table after you to come and eat-you now need to tip double as you just stole from me that income. Even if you stayed for half that time, leave 50% more of a tip due to the time you took away from me seating others there. If you camp out, you cost me income if you don't tip extra. It is OK to sit longer--as long as you pay for it. Think about it this way: many restaurants only allow the server to have a particular amount of tables. So, even if there are other tables open-that server isn't able to use them to make money. So, apply the extra tip rule always.
Also, Tipping is NOT a city in China, folks. It is something that must occur for us to survive- particularly in states that allow for sub minimum wage earnings. In Arizona, we are now paid $3.75/hour. (This was after a raise that occurred thanks to voters-after decades of $2.13/hour.) This is barely enough to pay for the taxes we owe, and sometimes it isn't enough to do so. Also, for servers who are lucky enough to have employers that offer health insurance, the coinsurance needs to come out of that money. So, essentially most servers have a pitiful check-if any. We literally live on our tips.
So, here is a guide to tipping: real simple actually, if you enjoyed yourselves-tip 20% of the total bill. If you didn't, tip 15%. If you had a horrible experience, at least leave 8% as that is what the server MUST pay taxes on. Call it a wash for both of you. If you had exceptional service: tip exceptionally-leave 50% or more if you can. The people that can and do do this not only get good Karma, but they are the ones that allow for the extras for the single moms. It is you people that have allowed us to get our kid that thing he or she wanted that we would have never been able to afford otherwise.
Guide for those who want to tip easily: take total bill (with taxes folks) and round it to the nearest $5, then take the first 1,2 or 3 digits based on how big the bill is and multiply it by 2. Ex: if the bill is 38.50- round it to 40, take the 4 and multiply it by 2=$8. If it is 138.50- round it to 140 take the 14 and multiply it by 2=$28. If the bill is 39, round it to 40, take the 4 and multiply it by 2=$8. Never round down, unless you are super close, as in 36, you can round to 35, then multiple 3.5 times 2=$7. Hope this helps.
Thanks for opening your minds.

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