Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Poisoned Toys, Poisoned People

I recently signed a petition to "Keep Hazardous Toys Off Our Shelves" it is located here, please sign yourself: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/137188815
Here was my response in the "personalize this message area" of the petition:
This country has become so obsessesed with paying the least possible for goods that we allow children in third world countries to work in deplorable conditions with no protections for them to make toys for our children-both being poisoned. (I wonder which country's child got the longest exposure.) Meanwhile, big business is the only winner. Oh, and all the corrupt politicians that take their cut as well. STOP ALLOWING GOODS TO NOT BE SEVERELY, COMPLETELY, AND THOROUGHLY SEARCHED, CHECKED AND MADE SURE THEY ARE SAFE FOR OUR COUNTRY TO IMPORT-BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THEY ARE ON OUR SOIL! Poisoning children. It is unreal how low business criminals will go-money means everything, no matter who gets killed or sickened. Disgraceful. As a matter of fact, manufacturing goods should be made here by Americans again. Where have all of our manufacturing jobs gone? I know I am not making a living wage-there are hardly any union jobs (or jobs in general actually), which is the only way for the worker to be protected in our society. Get it together and stop living comfortably and safely off the socialist position you hold, while the rest of us suffer! The fact that we are being poisoned by China in both products (pet foods-toys) and what they are doing to the environment to me means that they cannot be trusted anymore and those jobs need to come home. If those jobs were brought back here-we could regulate this MUCH better. PLEASE HELP US! This holiday, I had no toys that I felt safe enough to buy my children, so I bought other items instead. Imagine being so fearful of what is on the shelf-there is not one toy under the tree this year! Get it together, please.

P.S. (This is our little secret-I don't have a tree! LOL) But, you get the point.


oldgeezer said...

You can go and join an electricians,carpenter, ironworker, or any other union and they will teach you everything you need to know and you will make a decent wage.

Liberal Ranting Waitress Bitch aka LRWB said...

Thank you for leaving a thoughful comment. I am not sure this addresses every part of this topic, although it is something to consider. Please let me know if any of these unions have representations in the Phoenix metro area. And again, this is a help, but doesn't address what is going on with the production of our goods elsewhere and the problems of that situation. Thank you for your input however.