Monday, December 10, 2007

Participatory American?

Are you a PARTICIPATORY American? Do you allow life to happen to you? (If you are on the right-this is probably you, but lefties, let's work harder to pick up the slack left behind by corporate media.)
I had someone send me an email regarding where I found the data for the posting regarding Ron Paul. This was my response:

This could also be found on Congress' own website as well. You can (and should) sign up to receive regular emails of the voting record of your representatives. I get mine regularly. Why? I am a PARTICIPATORY AMERICAN. I DON'T ALLOW MEDIA TO TELL ME TO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. And you shouldn't either. If you aren't your own reporter nowadays-you get the ridiculous "entertainment" that somehow passes for journalism. PATHETIC. I partly started this blog to give out the truth. It took me some time to track down the info, and make it user friendly for my posting regarding Ron Paul. I want to help those who have either little time, or skills to do so themselves. I want to be the blog you come to when you need the facts. This is the USA Truth Journalism/Comedy/Ranting Place. I love you all for being a bit smarter than before you used your mouse.

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