Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mitt Romney

On the local RNR section, there was someone posting about this loser all day long. Here was my response:

Mitt Romney is such a winner...

that he never served nor has ANY of his FIVE, count them, FIVE SONS during a time of war---and a shortage of soldiers. Good job. What a great American! He is really sacraficing! Not to mention he then has the balls to say that his kids are helping in his campaign which is ALSO SERVING THEIR COUNTRY. His balls are so big, it's amazing he can fit them into his pants. What a pathetic piece of trash!! If you just HAVE to vote Republican (although I can't imagine why you would) please pick someone slightly less full of shit, will ya? Oh, and let me know who that would be, as they are all full of shit in their own special ways. Have a swell day. LRWB

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